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 Suru Endangered Species
Africa embraces the world in Endangered Species. Traditional trance instruments from many cultures dance through SURU’s heartbeats, creating music that transcends time and space. Mind and body become one with the soul of the earth. We see that every life is as full, as rich, as important, and as beautiful as ours.
We are one.

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" Endangered Species "


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Endangered Species preserves the music and spirit of diverse sacred cultures around the world. Dancing in the Trance recreates these cultures without compromising their heritage. Nigerian drum master, Suru Ekeh, with Kevin Cates on didgeridoo and Native American flute, Tim Wheater on silver flute, and Krishna Shukla on tabla and tamboura, blend the authentic instruments of Africa, Australia, India, the Celtlands, and North America on these extended grooves.

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