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• Music Production Services
We can guide your project from pre-production to post, creating the correct environment for its size and budget. WireonFire production and recording services can assist you in the art of making a fine audiophile recording.

Services Include:

Mulititrack (digital and analog)
Multiple format : 48 tracks Logic Audio (24/96), ADAT and Tascam multiple machine support.
Professional 2" and 1/2' analog formats w Dolby.
Mixdown to analog and digital 24 bit and more!

Studio Services
WireonFire is affiliated with several recording studios, offering a wide variety of multitrack digital and analog recording options. These options include Protools, ADAT, Tascam, 1/2" analog, Logic Audio, Digital Performer, and a large collection of MIDI devices to fit all your recording needs.
From simple "live" tracks to 48trk mixed format, WireonFire can help you record your project and take it to CD and the web.

• A/V Post-Production
WireonFire can enhance or augment your recording, CD + video, or prepare Digital Video for the web.
We offer a complete post-production package for CD, Web Audio or Web Video and QuickTime production.

• CD Mastering
Services include digital mastering for CD, CD-ROM and DV webcasts. WireonFire mastering can make your music the clearest, loudest, most present music on the net or on a disc!

Our mastering facility is equipped with the latest in both audiophile playback systems and digital signal processing software. We only use quality digital convertors and even have an analog mastering three track 1/2" 30ips w/DolbySR tape machine available on site !!

• CD Duplication
We specialize in Micro Duplication, we manufacture 50s, 100s, 250s or 500s.
CDs with either our WoF vinyl softpak or standard slim-line jewel cases are available. Four panel booklet (2 color 2 B & W) Print on CD (Blk) included.
CD cover art design and graphic services are also available.
Call for details and price quotes

• Web Hosting and Domain Services
WireonFire "Gold" Service includes web hosting of one concurrent site at no extra cost. This means you consolidate and save $.
Domain Name Purchasing and Domain renewal services are also available.

Web Prep
Photo touch-up and Repair
Scanning and conversion

Audio/Video Web services
Preparation of audio for web cast (QuickTime)
Webmovie production and editing
Webmovie compression
QuickTime™ interface design

For more info, call 877-444-8181
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