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I Wanna Be Loved
With her rich, smoky voice winding its way around standards and one blues, Perrier shows her versatility in a variety of material and tempos."
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"I Wanna be Loved"


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She has surrounded herself with tip-top musicians and is especially complemented by the warm, full-bodied tenor sound of Houston Person. He's a master at bringing out the very essence of a ballad, as on "Again," in which voice and sax are closely related in timbre. Perrier has a real concern for intonation: note her preciseness on "Masquerade," for instance.

Dedicating this set to Etta Jones, Perrier uses as her closer a number associated with Ms. Jones, "Don't Go to Strangers," which, although taken at a slow tempo, seems well suited as a leave-taking.

Denise Perrier, vocals; Jane Hasty, Stan Hope, piano; Ruth Davies, Peter Martin Weiss, bass; Roger Glenn, vibes; Cecil Brooks III, drums; Calvin Keys, guitar; Raul Ramirez, percussion; Houston Person, tenor saxophone