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Fierce Love
Fierce Love

"Track this recording down."
Blazing Auralities

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" Fierce Love "
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"The poems are like listening to my grandmother and great grandmother speak in dimensions that are still happening today." Herbie Lewis - jazz musician "Music manifests as poetry off of a Black mirror, we see a universal soul. Words filled with fire and compassion. Listen!" William Parker - jazz musician Fierce/Love, produced by Irresistible/Revolutionary Records, 1993 Accompanied by Anthony Brown on percussion, Dewayne Oakley on acoustic bass, and John Purcell on reeds, adisa and major of Daughters of Yam Daughters of Yam have performed in a large number of venues including the James Moore Theater of the Oakland Museum, The Oakland Ensemble Theatre, Pro-Arts, The Arts Institute, Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco State University Poetry Center, Venue9, at music clubs including Slim's and the Black Cat, and at a host of schools, elementary through college.

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