Marigold and the Leprechaun King
Marigold and the Leprechaun King
A magical, mystical two-act children’s musical, Marigold and the Leprechaun King is clothed in true Celtic story-telling tradition, complete with faeries, angels, a unicorn and singing flowers.
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" Marigold and the Leprechaun King "

Marigold and the Leprechaun King


Marcia Miget, flute
Michael McCarty, synthesizer
Paul Hale, Cello
Ian Dogole, Percussion


Elizabeth McCubbrey, Marigold
Greg Grabow, Sean
Chanara, Aunt Flo
Stephen Walsh, Angel
Ali Johnston, Daffodil
Pollyanna Bush, Lily
Shannon Jones, Rose

Artwork: Emile Duronslet


"It is my opinion that this children’s musical will be a delight for audiences of all ages and a pure joy to mount."
-- Gina Pandiani, Stage Director

"The work is musical, workable, and possesses an endearing complete musical score and libretto that reflects a calculated effort to make people aware of sound."
-- Ted Blair, Professor Emeritus of Music, Dominican University, San Rafael, CA

"Everything about her Leprechaun King is unusual and fresh. With only three instruments she gave the accompaniment wide and rich sound potential while preserving intimacy and ethnic color."
-- Herb Bielawa, Professor Emeritus of Composition, San Francisco State University

"These characters are so vivid, I could draw them myself!"
-- Sandi Weldon, San Anselmo Town Players, San Anselmo, CA

"I was delighted with the wit and wisdom of the musical."
-- Dianne Levy, Event Production & Promotion, San Francisco Chronicle

" . . . impressive, quite charming and very creative."
-- Niva Ellis, Youth in Arts, San Rafael, CA

" . . . ingenious presentation." -- Ken Rowland, Ross Valley Players, Ross, CA

". . . a new composer of great talent in a project that will benefit the community and its children." -- Dove Sterling, Legacy Video Services, San Rafael, CA

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