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If you can dream it, it can be it!

A printable version of this checklist should have downloaded with your service purchase. If this did not happen or you need another copy. Click Here for web browser Printable Version of the Checklist, or here to view PDF file.

Content can be emailed to or snail mailed to WireonFire, 164 East Scenic Ave, Point Richmond, CA 94801. We can also download content from an existing web page or site, just give us all the appropriate access information (ie: password, directory, ftp address and user name).

All text is best provided as either .TXT, .RTF files or html (as e-mail) or on CDRom submitted as it is to be posted. Images can be supplied as either reflective (scannable) photographic art or digital files. Videos (AV) must be broadcast ready and provided as either videotape or a digital file (qt/avi/mpeg formats). Audio files are best provided on a audio cd (aiff format), you indicate the cuts and the times (be very specific). We will web prep all audio and video data to our specifications. To get a better understanding, check out our "Artists Sites" and "CD pages" (click on any CD cover) at

Send originals at your own risk and discretion. Although we will treat all art with care and respect, we can not be held responsible for any originals sent. Send only high quality duplications or digital files. Ala Carte services available. Call if there are any questions.

Check List

Home Page (HP)

o HP Main Picture
__Picture of artist or band.

o HP Main Caption
__ Text 10 - 15 words (approx).

o HP Main Body Copy
__ Text 120 words (approx).

o HP Communications Bar
__Your personal links (urls) and booking info etc.

o HP Images for Multi-Media Presentation
__10 - 12 images, sequenced, with or with-out captions.

o HP Audio for Multi-Media Presentation
__ 1 minute, choose cut and times.

o HP Video
__4 minutes of video with soundtrack or background music.

o HP Event Calender
__ Date, Time, Venue, Title.

CD Page (CDP)

o CDP Main Caption
__ Text 10 - 25 words (approx).

o CDP Main Body Copy
__ Text 120 words (approx).

o CDP Images for Multi-Media Presentation
__ 10 - 12 images, sequenced,
with or with-out captions.

o CDP Audio (1 per CD) for Presentation
_ _1 minute, choose cut and times.
Streaming Multi-Cast

o Your Music (15 min per CD)
_ _Choose your songs to be web cast on your feature channel and on our multi-channel network.

o Inventory. Three CD’s per title
__ Two CDs stock for sale
__ One CD provided for CD scan and ripping audio files.


o Pic Page Pics
__All the photos you want to appear pic page(s).

o Bio Page
__Bio Pic
__Bio Text

Stock Submission Agreement:

You provide 2 - 5 cd's (plus one sample CD) for each release available for sale on your site. You set your cd price, you will be payed 100% of that price. We will ship to order. You will be issued a payment for all sales on a monthly cycle. We will not ship or bill in excess of inventory. Shipping and handling charges may apply in excess to artist CD price.

Setup fee is non refundable and due upon delivery of content (see content checklist).
monthly fee will not be charged until site is uploaded and functional

*Aprox 14-21 day lead time to Post_*Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

164 E. Scenic Ave. Pt. Richmond, CA 94801 • Tel. 510-232-7866 • Fax.510-232-7881 •