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Was the whole IAJE Experience “OUTSTANDING” or what???! Didn't want to let too much time go by before reconnecting and following-up on the positive energy.
It was such a great pleasure to meet and interact with you. Hope things went great for you.
Unfortunately because it was so successful for us this is a mass E. But within the next seven days one of us will be contacting you personally.
We would just like to take this opportunity to reiterate our thank you for your ears and heart, in listening to our music, concepts and laughter.
We may have spoken with you about anything from education of our youth, webcasting music classes to our websites, mee-j.com, imajinnation.com (unveiling in February) and WireonFire.com.
Take a look and listen to our streaming MP4 webcasts.
no sign-ups / user IDs / Passwords etc.
Just choose your webcast speed and click “Listen”
Download a cd.
Join us in pushing the envelope and taking our creative issue to the World.

Thank you once again,

Protection and Guidence

Marcia Miget
Djinn Carl Lewis



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