Kenneth Roy Multi-instrumentalist

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Kenneth Roy’s music offers something that anyone
can appreciate and enjoy.

Kenneth Roy has been playing drums since the age of four, and keyboard since the age of six. Later, he took up singing and percussion as other musical focal points. Kenneth’s keyboard mentors have been wizard Richard Hindman and Si Perkoff, his drum and percussion guidance comes from Colin Bailey and Bob Belanski.

Others include band director Bob Steele, voice instructor Emily Gates, and classical piano virtuoso Antonio Iturrioz. James Awahili is a classical composer who has been an influence on Kenneth musically as well. Kenneth holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from San Francisco State University in the Humanities and holds over 500 copyrights for his original songs, which he continues to perform and promote across the United States and Canada. Great recordings from an expanding singer, songwriter, musician.

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Kenneth Roy No Dice

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