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------------------------------Jay Yarnall

"Rippletree" - 14:50
Steve Kindler- Electric Violin, Video Camera
Ken Becker- Cello
Jay Yarnall- Keyboard, Video Edit, Audio Recording & Mix

"Passing Through Veils" - 11:56
Taylor Severe- Dancer
Matt Stahl- Guitar
Steve Kindler- Electric Violin
Richard Sales- Guitar
Jay Yarnall- Drums, Camera, Video & Music mix
Dan Ryman- technical consultant

"Sisyphus Coffee Break" - 10:00
Arjan McNamara & Jay Yarnall-
sound collage
Ken Becker - cello
Jay- Video, camera and edit
Taylor Severe- Dancer

"TLKj Live at the Cobalt Sun" 59:30
Taressa Bell- Vocals
Lisa Sangita Moskow- Sarod, vocals & percussion
Ken Becker- Cello, Bass
Jay Yarnall- Keyboards, Vocals, Music mix, Video, camera & edit
Richard Sales- Live Sound
Dan Ryman- Live Video, technical consultant

"Cycle" - 6:30
Drawn by Jay Yarnall using
"Jackson Pollack" by Miltos Manetas

Kali Magnolia - 39:22
Kali Magnolia-A Meditation on Light
Bhagavan Das - Vocal from Churning the Night Sea. With Hans Christian on cello and sarangi.

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