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Jay Yarnall
Rose for the Dust

Rose For The Dust

a liquid stream
of suggestions and imagery.

Rose For the Dust -Listen!

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"Rose For The Dust"



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The sounds from this album are so subtle, it takes a minute or two to realize that the music is even playing.  At first, it seems as if the music is calming and meditative, yet it is immediately obvious that it doesn't make one sleepy.  In fact, one is totally awake, waiting for the music to ebb and flow, and hoping it doesn't end.  The energy is quiet and peaceful, and thoughtful and sophisticated, and it makes one want to sit still and just be there, and just listen.  Listening to the music of Jay Yarnall is a true musical experience, and we flow with the tracks as they flow seamlessly into one another.  The music on this album shows us that the purpose of music is to bring us deeper into our soul and into our mind, and to wake us up and out of the mindless stupor of everyday life.  The music of Jay Yarnall takes us to the place we want to be and strive to be - and reminds us that to sit still and listen is one step on the rocky and profound path to enlightment and joy."
Emily B. Horowitz
New York, NY

It was a different experience, a mind-expanding one, to listen through with the aim of trying to capture something of the music in words. I also listened for the structure this time, too, which was very interesting. Even if, as you told us, it is "just looping" sounds, it is definitely more than that. There is a power vision and understanding there. I was fully in a meditational state the whole time. It was really amazing."

"I realized in listening to "Rose" in order to do the writing, that "august reunion" -- while the title probably has a personal meaning to you -- is also a kind of invitation to the listener, sort of we are reunion-ing by sharing the music, coming together as spirits after a time apart; and then "dance across" that takes us out does so very symbolically. we "dance across" to the outside world, to the not yet, to another place. was all this your intention? if "yes," then your intention really is manifested inside the listener. if "no," then actually "maybe," because so much seems to come to us from the unconscious, or deeper, from the soul. whatever we consciously intend is only part of what we really intend."

From the first wave of sound in “August Reunion,” Rose for the Dust lifts the listener into a high spiritual space that is at once ancient, now, and not yet. The melodies and rhythms evoke South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Arabia. A dance with the forests, deserts, seas, and skies of this and other worlds. A walk in the stars. Jay’s music touches the heart and illumines the soul. For sheer beauty, I especially recommend “Slow Moon” and “Dusk Rain.” For drama, “She Moves” and “Dawn Again.” And then Jay takes us gracefully out with “Dance Across.”
Karen Ann Watson-Gegeo
(Ph.D., Anthropology)
School of Education
University of California, Davis

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