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Don Paul
“ ‘9/11’ “
facing our fascist state

facing our fascist state


‘After reading a few pages of Don Paul’s manuscript I knew that I would be up all night with it. I’d never read anything so astounding! What it dared to present thrilled and amazed me, but it also made me fear for the author’s life.
This book is an incredibly courageous, revealing blockbuster, a magnificent work of investigative journalism. It goes deeply into our so-called leaders’ uses or misuses of power and yet it also offers hope for us from collective action. This book is a treasure and it would make a wonderful gift.’

‘Even after spending an entire year devoted almost full-time to consuming every source I could get my hands on concerning 9/11and the great scam called the “war on terrorism”, I was still stunned reading Don Paul’s new book. Not only doe it offer vital details and lucid observations of the ongoing juggernaut of fascist ruling-class crime, it delivers a much-needed fog-busting WAKE UP! call in just the right way and at the right time. This is one to share with everybody.’
BRIAN SALTER, questionsquestions.net

‘Here are some of the "best" books we've found on the topic of WAR IN IRAQ.... Don Paul's "'9-11'" FACING OUR FASCIST STATE. Fun to read, full of facts, very hard to put down.’
V. VALE. RE/Search online newsleter

'With this book Don Paul gains a place among
the front runners in a race to educate people
everywhere about the truth behind the events of
9/11, and about much more. His tracking of the
history of power-mongering and deceptions down to
the present day provides much-needed context. This
book is his well-researched contribution to
avoiding catastrophe.'
BARRIE ZWICKER, journalist on Canada's
VisionTV and creator of "The Great Deception" video.

‘A fascinating and breathtaking tour-de-force through the belly of America's dirty little secrets. Don Paul brilliantly recounts the tragic karma of America's corporate greed and delivers it with the historical perspective and piercing wit reminiscent of Dick Gregory's NO MORE LIES. A must read for anyone who is questioning the media's spoonfed journalism of recent world events and is asking themselves, “What the hell
is really going on here?'” ‘

‘Millions and even billions of people around the world already know what I hope this book has shown: Parts of the U.S. Corporate Government committed the atrocities of 9/11/01 to make money from oil and otherwise further their ends....
WE, however, are the power. We HAVE the numbers. We CAN compel a new world--one much different, much happier--one more level, cooperative and creative--than the ‘New World Order’ that our old Lords still try to force upon us.’
from ‘The Next Revolution’


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